The first beginnings of modern เกมสล็อต are mystical. The contemporary kind of เกมสล็อต originates from vingt-et-un or vingt-un, which translates to twenty one. British and french colonists introduced the game to the Country and Canada. It grew in popularity here and created in to the blackjack game that we understand today.

There are files of earlier, games that are similar in various European nations. Let us check out them.


The first mention of twenty one is inside a Spanish dictionary dated 1611. The entry for Carta or maybe cards brings up the game of ventiuno (twenty one). Don Quixote writer, Miguel de Cervantes, offers a brief explanation of the game in the novella of his (short story) Rinconete y Cortadillo found 1613. The evidence suggests which ventiuno was played around Seville through the original 17th century or earlier.


The game of vingt un was primarily captured around England within the comedy play “dissipation” by Miles Peter Andrews, released in 1795. The particular regulations show up during the 1800 edition of Hoyle’s Games Improved, indicating that this was actually a favorite pastime several years prior to the publication was published.

These rules remained the same until the 1850s once they started to evolve towards modern day pontoon. Around exactly the same time, the game started to be widespread in German speaking countries.

After the First World War, Britons started talking about the game as pontoon. The pontoon rules will be the just like the guidelines posted by Trumps in 1870 for Vingt un.


Vingt-un’s very first note of France was within the gazette as well as literary magazine Mercure de France found 1768. Even though this predates the very first instance in England, the very first rules were only published around France found 1817, almost 2 decades after Hoyle’s released theirs in 1800.

Courtiers of Louis XV had vingt un and, based on rumour, it would have been a favourite of Napoleon Bonaparte. The game was well-liked by soldiers on each side of First World War, resulting in a new interest in the game as troopers started returning home.


By the 1850s, Germans had vingt un, occasionally calling it siebzheinundvier (seventeen as well as four) or perhaps einundzwanzig (twenty one). Its popularity consistently this particular day.


Many sources claim that vingt-un arrived within North America together with the soldiers returning by using World War One. Others claim it just arrived with the era of the big casino within the 1930s. There’s evidence that New Orleans discovered the first legalized gaming systems played within the 1820s. The game was certainly approximately throughout the Klondike Gold Rush in between 1896 and 1899.

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